• Clean Your Air Ducts This Winter

    Clean Your Air Ducts This Winter
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    It is always a good idea to get your air ducts cleaned, especially during the winter. They have collected much grime and dirt throughout the year, so why not clean your air ducts this winter? If you suffer from allergies, have pets, or children, then we highly recommend you clean your air ducts periodically and thoroughly. There are numerous things that air ducts can collect; including hair, dust, and tiny debris. Believe it or not, cleaning your air ducts this winter can make for a huge difference.

    So, at this point you are probably wondering how to do it. Here is how:

    You are going to want to start of the process of cleaning your air ducts this winter with a simple inspection. Take a look at your vents and determine whether the cleaning truly is needed. If you can easily witness loads of dust and dirt accumulated inside the vent, say no more. Always keep an eye out for mildew or other bacterials infestations. Remember to always protect your eyes, nose, and mouth while you are inspecting your air ducts.

    After you have come to the conclusion that your air ducsts need to be cleansed, remove the vent grille. Carefully clean the cracks and lined of the vent and thoroughly remove all debris. Don’t forget to clean the area around it.

    After doing so, you can proceed to cleaning inside the duct, with the proper wipes and cleaning products. If you olan on thoroughly cleaning inside the duct, it is adviced to hire a professional to take care of the job for you; as they have all the proper vacuums, disinfectants, and purifiers that you’ll need.

    Remember, only a professional can guarantee a precise and excellent air duct cleaning this winter. So, if you aren’t really looking forward to cleaning your air ducts and you think a professional can do it better, count on Olga’s Cleaning. The cleaning specialists at Olga’s Cleaning Services guarantee a thoroughly clean and inspected air duct this winter.

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