• For The Love Of A Clean Carpet

    For The Love Of A Clean Carpet
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    Let’s face it we have all experienced a dirty, sometimes filthy, carpet before. Carpets are treaded on, rolled in (if you have pets), and even filled with mud (if you have kids who are especially energetic after play time outside). Carpets attract a wide array of things including dust, debris, stains, animal hairs, human hairs, and tragically sometimes even mold. A clean carpet is important though and tending to it properly will prevent a series of things. Here is how you can go about carpet cleaning:

    You can start by cleaning that carpet by removing all dust and debris with a good old fashioned vacuum cleaner. By vacuuming your carpet regularly, a big difference is made. Don’t just use any regular vacuum though; make sure to use one that really sucks away dirt from the carpet’s fibers. And most importantly, don’t rush through the process.

    If there are certain areas of your carpet that are heavily trafficked, like the entry door for example, you might want to consider purchasing a protector mat.

    Some spills are just inevitable, and hey, they happen,. When they do occur, make sure to clean up those spills on the spot! Use a clean towel to absorb the liquid and then you can pour dashed of baking soda over the area- - let it sit there for 10 minutes. When the spill is completely dry, vacuum it.

    If you scrub the area with the spill stain, the stain will get worse and the fibers will get damaged, so don’t do it. And since we are on the topic of what not to do, do not pour water either- -this can lead to mold.

    There are cleaning solutions you can feel free to use, and apply as directed on the instruction labels and there are also carpet cleaning machines that do the trick.

    When all is said and done, and that carpet still has some stains that you could just not seem to get rid of or this seemed like too much work to even deal with, you know you can always rely on Olga’s Cleaning Services to handle the toughest cleaning tasks.

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