• How To Clean Hard To Reach Areas

    How To Clean Hard To Reach Areas
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    If we are honest with ourselves, we know that doing house chores is never fun. It is time consuming, dirty work, and it gets worse when you can’t reach those difficult areas in your home; we know! If you have ever performed cleaning duties within your home, you know just how much of a pain hard to reach areas can be. After all, nobody wants dust, grime, or dirt to sit there accumulating as time progresses. For you to never have to go through that tress again, here is how to clean hard to reach areas easily.

    The first step towards learning how to clean hardtop reach areas is finding the right tools to do it with. Let us just say that this doesn’t necessarily mean you must invest in the latest and fanciest cleaning gadgets, like vacuums. You can actually start off by purchasing long handle dusters as these can be extremely useful. Microfibers cloths will also help you in removing and picking up tiny dust particles/debris opposed to ordinary dust cloths.

    Don’t be afraid to move chairs and other furniture around the room, so that you can obtain better cleaning results too. Here is a trick: Painter brushes can be used for difficult to reach areas as dust sweepers for your ceiling, chandeliers, blinds, shutters and even crown moldings. Attach the painter brush to a mop handle, and you can use this nifty invention.

    For sticky substances or areas, wipe it off grease washing dish soap and a damp sponge or cloth. Then you can proceed to wiping it down with a clean cloth or rag.

    Here is a Trick: If you have never cleaned your ceiling fan, and you know that for a fact there will be a bunch of dust, use a pillow case. Grab an old pillow case, place it over each blade, and no dust will fall to the floor.

    Do all of this, and you will be all set.

    Remember, you can always count on Olga’s Cleaning Services to assist you in cleaning even the hardest to reach areas.

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