• Carpet Cleaning: Get Rid Of That Pesky Stain

    Carpet Cleaning: Get Rid Of That Pesky Stain
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    Carpet cleaning comes in handy whenever there are sudden stains inflicted onto your beautiful carpet. Accidents are bound to occur and whether it is a pet stain, a beverage stain, or a simple foot stain, your carpet suffers the consequence.  The good news is that there are multiple forms for you to go about removing the carpet stains. Though some stains are a bit more challenging to remove than others, today we will show you how to get rid of that pesky stain that has been intruding the beauty of your carpet.

    First off, we have the most common type of stain that requires carpet cleaning and it is a pet stain. Most pet owners will agree that they have been faced with the challenge of cleaning up after their pet during one instance or more. Even with instant cleaning, some messes stay behind. In the circumstance that the pet stain has dried up on your carpet what you need to do it to moisten it. 

    There are specific products that help you fight pet stains. In order to kill the smell and eliminate the spot, you can try using white vinegar. Let the vinegar soak in and then begin blotting until the stain and smell are gone.

    Furthermore, another common carpet stain is a blood stain. This can be removed through using cold water. Cold water is better than hot for this case as cold water prevents blood from penetrating your carpet fibers. Make your carpet look new again by using products that are bleach free so your carpet can oxygenate.

    Most carpet stain removals require products, water, and chemicals. The best way to achieve a thoroughly clean carpet is through professional carpet cleaning. Olga’s Cleaning Services is here to perform top of the line carpet cleaning at a low price.

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