• How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

    How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean
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    Maintaining a clean living space is important, there are certain areas of our properties however, that require a bit more attention and dedication when it comes to their cleaning. For obvious reasons, the bathroom in our properties is more often than not, the most germ infected area in our estates. Today we want to go over on how to keep your bathroom clean with a few easy but highly effective steps. Sure, bathroom cleaning can be tough-we know! But if you follow this insightful guide on how to keep your bathroom clean, we assure bathroom cleaning processes will go a lot smoother.

    Our guide on how to maintain a clean bathroom will cover everything from the toilet bowl down to the shower- and you will never be asked to utilize harmful chemicals.

    Let’s begin!

    So, the toilet bowl - you can actually remove grime from a toilet bowl with a coca cola can or bottle- crazy right? But its true! Pour some coke down the toilet and let it sit there for half an hour, once the time has passed get to scrubbing the toilet and flush when finished.

    It is fairly easy for us to overlook our bathroom ceiling but we shouldn’t! The ceiling can actually collect a great deal of bacteria and germs- especially in an area like the bathroom- at some point, even mildew can build up. What you can do for this particular situation is to mop the ceiling with water and white vinegar solutions. You can use goggles for this task just in case any droplets fall.

    Furthermore, don’t forget to clean your shower head. If your water pressure is low, this might be an indication of a dirty shower head- you must remember to clean it.

    For optimum results- count on Olga’s Cleaning Services we know all the helpful tips and tricks for effective bathroom cleaning.

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