• Importance Of Spring Cleaning

    Importance Of Spring Cleaning
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    During winter days we shut our doors and spend most of our time indoors. The air in the house is humid, the carpets are dirty, and you are just ready to breathe in some fresh air. Spring Cleaning may not seem as important but in reality it is.

    Have you ever questioned as to why a lot of people perform spring cleaning or hire a professional to do it for them? Spring is the time of the year where it is perfect to perform deep house cleaning including the exterior. Because the doors have been shut all winter due to cold, the warmness of spring motivates top to bottom cleaning.

    You open up your windows and you let fresh air in once again, something that you have not been able to do during winter and fall.

    It is so important to be proactive about your house cleaning before the furniture and accessories around your home start to look like they need cleaning. If you waited too long and your house is dirty, don’t stress it, through spring cleaning you can restore the shine. One of the most important parts that you have to clean during spring cleaning is definitely your carpet. A dirty Capet can cause a series of breathing problems and disorders. When cleaning your carpet, the method recommended is hot water extraction. Throughout hot water extraction you will clean and wash out all the germs and bacteria that has grown or is growing without you even realizing it. Vacuuming your carpet is also important as this will suck up all debris that has been caught in your carpet this whole time.

    You must not forget to deal with every other area of your home- - this includes other flooring, dusting furniture, washing upholstery, organizing cabinets, throwing away junk, and so on.

    If spring cleaning is too much for you to handle, work with Olga’s Cleaning Services today where we will be more than happy to help.

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